By placing qualified individuals in great and safe neighborhoods, we create a paradigm shift on how to change the trajectory of an individual’s life story and help them to bounce back.

Let’s start by providing a roof over your head.

2Bounceback Foundation is a  non-profit (501c3) organization that aspires to provide safe and appropriate housing for the formerly incarcerated as well as military veterans who have little/no family or social support and are at high risk of the downward spiral of despair and hopelessness.

Our focus is mainly providing shelter – a most fundamental necessity for rebuilding a human’s life.

We seek to provide this assistance to military veterans, the formally incarcerated, as well as individuals who suffer mental health and/or substance abuse disorders.

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Made Whole

"I hear the dripping water in rhythm with my heartbeat.
I feel the coolness and damp around me I start to turnover on my cardboard bed.
Suddenly my skin comes into contact with warmth.
My eyes open to soft light and not darkness I roll over and find myself in a new place,
safe I have been made whole."